Sunday, September 03, 2006

Mariah Carey Get Back In That Closet

Mariah Carey has a closet so big , John Travolta, Tom Cruise and Richard Gere could live in it comfortably. It has appeared in countless magazine spreads and is larger than some of you dear reader's homes and a lot better decorated I'm sure!

Mariah herself admits to having a shoe fetish on the scale of Imelda Marcos and being totally addicted to clothes.

Hmm?.... So why is it then the only thing that ever seems to come out of her, over the top, closet, is one awful black lycra mini dress and a couple of pairs of black f**k me heels?

Now I'm all for having your own style but Mariah it's like something a white trash hooker would have worn c1984!

Not only is the dress ghastly it appears Mariah ordered it in several colours as well! Lordy!

How can you need a closet the size of a small african nation to house 6 nasty, cheap lycra dresses and a few pair of $2 hooker heels?

Time to get out of the Lycra sweetie and into something less cheap! Hell if you dig around long enough, you might even find you have some non Ho items in that closet of yours!

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ahmed said...

She sure loves that lycra!

Laura said...

Amen! Whoring that Lycra.

Camp david said...

Its not even like she looks good in it!What a ho!