Monday, November 27, 2006

Paris & Britney The Car Crash Continues

Britney and Paris are still joined at the hip it appears, with Britney staying over at Paris house and hitting the town with her almost nightly, on half dressed, drunken escapades and now it seems Britney is picking up some of Paris worst habits, as well as getting blind drunk and appearing in public half naked, she seems to have adopted Paris and Lindsay Ho Han’s habit of partying without panties as recent pictures from one of their nights out show.

(click here for uncensored version if you dare!)

As well as using Paris for publicity purposes (or is it the other way round?) Britney has now dragged poor little Sean Preston Federline, her one year old son, into the publicity fray with all three of them giving the publicity hungry paparazzi, perfect photo ops.

Hmm I’m actually starting to wonder if her ex husbands accusations don’t have a ring of truth about them and if she wasn’t actually better of with K Fed! Sort it out Britney!

There’s no point dumping one loser if you are going to go and take up with another one straight away!

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Jan said...

Eww I just lost my breakfast!

my first blog said...

i very disapointed about the sensor