Friday, December 01, 2006

Britney & Her Beaver Nearly Crash The Internet - Enough Already!

Britney Spears has had a quite a week, she's stumbled from club to club every night in a drunken stupor airing her bits along the way for all to see, with new BFF Paris Hilton in tow and even on one occasion with Lindsay Ho Han tagging along too.

Not only did this give paps the pics of a lifetime as they managed to catch all three of the holy trinity of skanks together

Its also done wonders for websites around the world as millions have gone trawling the net for pics of Britney’s nether regions.

Even Rank & Bile saw its normally sedate 200ish page views jump to over 700 as people scoured its pages for Britney’s bits! Perez Hilton’s site saw his hits top the 3 million mark and at one point it looked like Britney’s beaver might actually bring the whole bloody internet crashing down!

So why are Britney and Paris so inseperable? Surely Paris isn’t trying to get extra publicity? (Have you noticed Paris looks quite together in all the pics while Britney is a sodden pantie-less mess) No apparently Little Miss Trailer Trash rep says that “Britney really looks up to older Paris” The trouble is she’s looking up at Paris from a gutter she fell in drunk, with her her skirt up and her panties off for all the paparazzi to see.

So Britney enough is enough! Put it away now, whilst everyone applauded your decision to offload K Fed it’s all starting to look a little sad now.

We don’t need to see The Princess of Pop with her gusset out and drunk in a gutter every night. While Paris Hilton looks on and soaks up the attention.
Pull yourself together and buy some bloody panties, you’re a mother of two for goodness sake and stop inflicting Parasite Hilton on your poor kids!

Click here to see the uncensored pics (not for the fainthearted!)

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JJ said...

What a bloody mess and she's only 24! What the hell will she be like at 40 she already makes Courtney love look classy!

Anonymous said...

wow she looks sexy man
with no consor thingy on that pink little cute thing