Friday, December 01, 2006

Rank & Bile At The Theatre - Love Song Starring Cillian Murphy

Wednesday night Mike and I went to see Love Song a new play by John Kolvenbach at the New Ambassadors Theatre.

The play stars Neve Campbell, Cillian Murphy, Kristen Johnston and Michael McKean. I have to say I went with some trepidation having been completely under whelmed by Miss Campbell once before when she gave an extremely lacklustre and in audible performance in Resurrection Blues (directed by the late Robert Altman) at The Old Vic. At the performance I saw she was incapable of projecting past the second row and as a result I couldn’t tell you whether she was any good or not, as I didn’t hear a single word of her performance!

I’m pleased to say Miss Campbell has learned a little stage craft since then and was not only audible but actually quite competent. As for the rest of the cast, the evening belonged to Cillian Murphy and Kristen Johnston who gave two great performances, Murphy as the brooding and darkly insane Beane was mesmerising and perfectly off set by Johnston as his brash and funny sister.

Campbell and McKean gave adequate support in what turned out to be a reasonably good and darkly comic play that at times had flashes of brilliance though lagged somewhat in the middle, although it was certainly well received by the packed house. Not the best thing I’ve seen lately, in the West End but by no means the worst either.

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