Wednesday, June 28, 2006

B.I.L.E. - Celebrity Botox Abuse

A very good friend of mine is currently suffering from a very bad case of B.I.L.E. and no I don’t mean stomach acid. I am of course referring to that peculiarly 21st Century affliction Botox Induced Lazy Eye.

Ironically Botox was first developed to help cure lazy eye and twitches, however if you suffer neither of these afflictions and insist on going into Cher-like Botox overload it has the opposite effect causing one eye to look half closed and smaller than the other or even causing twitching. Not pretty! Your forehead is perfectly smooth but you look like you have Bell’s Palsy!

Now I'm sure most of you dear readers have probably suffered from this awful ailment at some point or another and to put my friends mind at risk I Ihave posted a few pictures of alleged Celebrity B.I.L.E sufferers. Including recent victim Mariah Scarey. (City Rag)

Celebrity B.I.L.E. or just winking? You Decide.

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Demonic Dave said...

OMG its an epidemic!

China Blue said...

Oh dear. They do look a right bunch of sad cases, don't they? They clearly want their skin to look taut, shiny and leathery as their Vuitton handbags.
Is this combination of dopey/quizzical meant to be alluring? I must not have got that email...

Anonymous said...

Has'nt Paris got a real lazy eye anyway? Probably from years of men shooting over her face!

Patrick Hughes said...


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Anonymous said...

To Diana Lee

Get Botox on your forhead like you do your neck. Live for 2 months with one eye closed half way and you have trouble seeing. Then tell me how great Botox is!

Anonymous said...

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