Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shirley She Can Do Better Than This?

This week I watched a couple of particularly dreary chick flicks “In her shoes” and “Rumour has it” the thing that stood out about both these films apart from the ghastly scripts was that both films were about sisters who fall out, lost their mother at an early age and had a happy ending with a wedding. The other common denominator was that in both films the sisters had a quirky Grandmother and both of them were played by Shirley MacLaine.

Now it’s bad enough that MacLaine didn’t read the scripts cos if she had, she might have noticed they were exactly the same! Although this proved to be a plus for MacLaine as she obviously saved herself time and money by just phoning in the one performance!

Now don’t get me wrong I’m a huge fan of Miss MacLaine but when is she going to stop cornering the market in kooky grandmothers and actually tackle a role worthy of her talents and if it’s a case of her not being offered anything else, then shame on you Hollywood for leaving this great actress to stew in insipid crap like “Bewitched” and even worse as Miss Ellie in the new “Dallas” movie.

So come on Shirley enough already with the dodgy grandma cameos. Stop wasting your talent and get your hooks into another “Postcards from the edge” or “Terms of Endearment”

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China Blue said...

I've noticed this, too. I agree - didn't she used to be a versatile, talented character-type actress? She needs to fire her agent!

Myles said...

I agree you can't re-incarnate your career, especially not this late in the game!

Anna said...

More to the point what posessed Cameron Diaz and Jenifer Anniston to appear in this crap!

Anonymous said...

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