Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Being Gay- It's All Your Brothers Fault!

According to new research in America the cause of being gay is definitely nature and not nurture and furthermore you are far more likely to become gay if you have an older brother. Younger male siblings the report states are many times more likely to become card carrying Cher fans than only children or the eldest son. The theory is that good old Mother Nature having produced one straight son capable of continuing the line then makes the others redundant, breeding wise, to keep the population numbers. down!

Hmm well it could explain those rumours about Princes Edward and Andrew?

Now not wishing to argue with the boffins but a quick straw poll of my flamboyant gentlemen friends seems to conclude they were in fact all the eldest sons, so either that theory is a load of old tosh or we've all got Mothers with something to hide!

What really concerns me about these periodic claims to have discovered the cause of being gay is, why do we need to know? The whole thing smacks of homophobia to me there is a sense that they desperately want to know what makes us gay so that they can stop it in the future.

For goodness sake some of us are gay and some of us are straight. Who cares why? Just get over it and stop trying to figure out why and we might all get along a little better.

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Jonny R said...

And all these years Ive been blaming my mother!

Anonymous said...

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