Monday, June 26, 2006

Madonna's Gnarly Old Hands!

It's a sad but inevitable fact that the first things to go on a woman are the hands and neck.

Many a fabulous facelift is ruined by a turkey neck and hands that look like claws.

So who do these knarly old hands belong to?

Yes believe it or not these nasty old claws belong to her Madgesty, Madonna!

Hmmm maybe it's time she laid off the excercise and dieting? and put some meat back on those claws!

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China Blue said...

Hah. Just goes to show that drinking Kabbalah water might grant you 72 virgins/make you live forever/whatever, but it won't keep you looking young, will it? I know builders and mechanics with better hands than that.
Ming. Ing.

Anonymous said...

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