Friday, December 01, 2006

You Were Never Fuglier - Meg Ryan

Looks like Meg Ryan has joined the growing list of actresses who've reached a certain age and have a surgeon on speed dial and in this case someone needs to prize the phone from her hand!

Poor Old Meg who was oh so pretty once, now sports one of the worst trout pouts in Hollywood (even worse than Melanie griffith!) and whilst the bottom of her face is dropping faster than Britney's panties the top has been botoxed into oblivion.

Star Magazine published these pictures which show just how bad her descent into surgery madness has become and it's not pretty!

It wouldn't hurt if she invested in a decent haircut and a comb either. So come on Meg lay off the collagen and botox and get yourself a stylist. You look like a startled hamster!

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Anonymous said...

Oh please, there are recent pictures which show her looking just fine. But Star Magazine allways carefully seeks out the worst pictures of celebrities.

Greg said...

To be honest this is one of the better recent pictures Ive seen! Normally she looks like she's been pulled through a hedge backwards and I agree far too much botox and collagen!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - she looks like Leslie Ash now.

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look near as fugly as Nicold Kidman She's even worse and her hands look like a zombie's