Saturday, December 02, 2006

Lindsay Lohan Admits She Has Drinking Problem - Who Knew?

Lindsay Lohan’s rep and her mother have confirmed the rumours about the starlet attending AA meetings are true. Hardly a surprise when we keep seeing pictures of her staggering out of clubs looking like shit and she crashes her car every other day!

Dina Lohan said it was a "positive" step for the 20-year-old, who earlier this year was blasted by a movie boss for turning up late for work, or not at all. Her rep went on to say "She's been attending some meetings and it's going to be a slow process.”This is a positive."

Hmm I guess they didn’t have much choice about making the announcement after Lohan herself admitted she had a problem, at this week's, GQ Man Of The Year Awards, when she told a reporter that she overdosed in mid-November. Going on to explain that she had been partying ("of course I'm going to drink") and a doctor was called, but the story was exaggerated. She said she was no "Marilyn Monroe overdosing in the bathroom."

Hmm well you got that right Lindsay you are definitely no Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn may have overdosed but the similarities end there. Monroe was actually a talented actress at the height of her fame and popularity rather than a C list drunk with a couple of lousy films under her belt. I’m sure no one ever had to ask of Marilyn, What exactly is she famous for? Either.

Seems Lohan couldn’t keep her mouth shut at the GQ awards she told another reporter that recent pictures of her with Britney Spears were less about friendship and more about “a photo-op…”were not friends. You know how it is” she shrugged. Lordy! Where’s her publicist when she needs her?

Hmm little tip Lindsay, if your publicity people help you to get some great front page coverage by setting up a photo-op with you and Britney as new best friends, probably best not to go telling the press that it’s just a set up!

The funny thing is, according to reports Ho Han was guzzling Champagne at the GQ awards, so either AA isn’t going so well or it’s yet another publicity Stunt!

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JJ said...

Another one ! only 20 and already a washed up mess!

Anonymous said...

well said. someone needs to tell it like it is about this overrated slut!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love lindsay and im glad ur getting help. Fuck those other people who made those comments . they r HATERZ. <3 YA