Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Februarys Loves & Hates

3 Things I'm loving in February

Bree Van Der Kamp
Bree and the other Desps make a welcome return!

Lighter Evenings
About time too!

Cheese & Onion Kettle Chips
Taste the calories mmmm!

3 Things I'm hating in February

Tom-Kat ON/OFF......
Who cares the man is GAY for goodness sake!

Cold and wet weather
When will it ever end?

Britney Spears
God! are we over her?!

Daniel Craig
The I So Would-Hunk of The Month
As you may have realised this section of my blog is a shameless and rather un-subtle way of just posting some pics of top class totty......so sue me!)

This months delectable eye candy is the newly announced James Bond, Mr Daniel craig. Mr Craig has come in for heaps of criticism form bond fans worldwide who dont think he measures up! Apart from the fact the man is gorgeous he has proven with great performances in Munich, The Mother and Layer Cake that he can actually act! Surely a pleasant surprise given the previous incumbents in the role?!If you wish to give Mr Craig a fair shot in the role of Bond and generally back him up? Then you can register your support at:http://www.givecraigachance.com/


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