Monday, March 13, 2006

Car Crash of The Month-Whitney Houston

Whitney “Crack is Whack” Houston lordy, lordy! what has happened to the golden voiced one? Firstly, the “shock (to who?) revelations” that she has a “little” drugs problem. “But we don’t do crack, crack is cheap!” she claimed, “just a little cocaine?!” Hello! Whitney in case you hadn’t noticed it’s the same drug!

If that wasn’t enough she let’s herself get photographed in a ratty old wig in some convenience store, whilst on a late night munchies run…..not pretty is an understaement and honey the state you look there is nothing to smile about.

Then the final straw Whitney does the Winter Olympics, firstly she turned up in a hideous dead animal, that screamed 1980’s (and not in a trendy, ironic, fashion revival way!) then she opens her mouth to sing, I will always Love You and emits a noise much like the animal that first wore her fur! Having growled her way, off key, through the verse she talk/sings her way through the rest like a demented Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady.

Whitney sort it out! It’s not right and it’s not ok. It’s bad enough you look a fright but honey once the voice goes you are in BIG trouble. Career over! And after all you do have expensive tastes/habits to maintain!

Houston we have a problem!

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