Thursday, March 23, 2006

Joan Collins-The Bitch is Back!

Hurrah! The Bitch is back. La Collins swept back onto our TV screens last night in a Footballers Wife cameo as Ava De Wolfe and what delicious fun it was, as she sparred with Tanya, made out with a boy a third of her age and fell flat on her ass with her wig askew. Only our Joanie could pull off a push up bra at the age of 72! Then get away with calling Tanya a coked up bitch and a slag and still appear classy. Joan Collins we salute you! a British Institution and a true Queen of camp.

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Gareth said...

Go Joan, Just like the good old days of Dynasty, looking fab in a big hat one minute, having a
cat fight and messed up hair the next. How many lives can one actress have?

Myles said...

Well In Joan's case its definately more than 9 lives. She is Fabulous with a capital F