Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lady Marmalade-Toast?

Leather lunged, scary hair, Diva Patti LaBelle had a public meltdown on Saturday at the Riviera Beach Jazz and Blues Festival. When she opened her mouth to sing and nothing came out. Patti, who has butchered many a great tune over the years with her swooping and screeching vocal acrobatics, is also the only woman, who can squeeze fifteen syllables into the word hello but Saturday the voice said goodbye. Patti reminded her audience, she is 62, has diabetes and a heart murmur, by way of an apology/excuse. She then went on to say the cold weather didn’t agree with her (echoes of Whitney’s winter Olympics fiasco?). Patti then burst into tears and left the stage……..hmmm ironic that Patti cries when she can’t sing whilst the rest of us cry when she can!

Patti time to focus more on your new career as cookery writer maybe?

See the official response from Patti along with some of her delicious recipes! At her website

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