Thursday, March 23, 2006

Smoking Myths

Smoking probably has more myths and mystique surrounding it than any other habit /vice. For years advertising films and peer pressure have created a myth of the sophistication of smoking. I for one totally bought into the myth along with all the other ones….that it keeps you thin, looks sexy blah blah blah. Hey! Don’t judge me I was an addict and addiction wreaks havoc on your judgment.

But I also bought into the myth of non smoking as well. I was told you will feel great, your energy levels will soar, your skin will glow and your teeth will become movie star white. Well guess what? The myths of non smoking and myths of smoking are just that myths.

Since giving up smoking a month ago, (although a recent slip means I have actually had ½ a cigarette in that month… sue me!) I have never felt so Ill, my throat is sore my skin has erupted I feel like crap, can’t sleep and am cranky as hell. The craving that they told me would get better after the first week is, if anything, worse. So why am I bothering? Well if new legislation comes in I don’t want to have to stop going out to bars restaurants and clubs because I can’t smoke. So maybe the myth that smoking bans cause more people to stop is the only one that’s true?

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