Monday, May 29, 2006

Cheap & Cheerful - LeAnn Rimes at G-A-Y

Last Saturday whilst at a loose end in Soho, my friend Eric and I ventured into G-A-Y, Jeremy Joseph’s much maligned club.

I say much maligned cos everyone seems to knock G-A-Y. Now I have to admit the music was appalling at times and vaguely reminiscent of a working class wedding reception but the crowd are friendly the drinks are cheap and you have to hand it to Mr Joseph he has a roster of artists appearing there, that any promoter would kill for.

This week was the turn of LeAnn Rimes not exactly my favourite but with past acts including Kylie Minogue and sister Danni, Pink, (last week, see picture) Christina Aguilera, Donna Summer, Debbie Harry, Westlife, Blue, Steps and of course Madonna Mr Joseph can’t be accused of not giving value for money.

So whilst I won’t be making G-A-Y. my regular haunt, hats off to Mr Joseph for yet another pop coup and maybe it’s time everyone stopped knocking G-A-Y.

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Anonymous said...

Crappest club in London dont care whos on stage