Thursday, May 18, 2006

You Were Never Fuglier - Goldie Hawn

What the hell happened to Goldie Hawn?
Seems like only yesterday the magazines were hailing her as one of hollywood's fabulous over fifty year olds.


What a difference a few years makes. Goldie is now saggy at sixty .

Maybe its time to get rid of the strapless numbers Goldie and ditch the kooky blonde image it was kind of appealing at 20 but these days you are looking more Baby Jane than Baby Doll.

Meg you needn’t look so smug you’re not looking that much better and ladies isn’t it time you both invested in a comb!

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Camp David said...

Ha Ha god she look rough!

LucyShy said...

Looks like she's taking a stroke just as the picture snapped!