Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bitter Candy

How has Candy Spelling reacted to what she sees, as daughter Tori’s treachery toward her and her late father Aarons memory. Well According to Us magazine the grieving widow has cut her out of her late husbands will, all $500 millon of it.

Poor Tori is really paying the price of that nasty interview she gave just days after her fathers death and apparently the poor little rich girl is now reduced to pawn shops and selling her jewelery to make ends meet. (as this pictures show)

It doesn’t look like anything will be coming out of Candy’s famous present wrapping room, for Tori any time soon!

More Rank & Bile


Demonic Dave said...

Go candy!

China Blue said...

Apparently Daddy only left her $100k - by Hollywood standards, she's destitute! Poor lamb.

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