Friday, July 28, 2006

Call Her Miss Dross

I was just listening to a mash up of Diana Ross "Love Child" and Ultra Nate "Free" (hear it here) and it occurred to me that Miss Ross has probably been remixed and mashed up more than any other artist and there’s a reason. Everyone is desperate to hear Diana do something decent and if she won’t record it herself, then they are going to try and create it. God forbid she does any more dross like her ghastly duet with Westlife last year.

What’s the problem? Miss Ross is the greatest Pop Diva of all time. I spit on Mariah Scarey, Whitney is trash in comparison and who the hell is Madge next to Miss Ross, every minute of every day there is a camp old queen somewhere in the world lip synching to “Aint no mountain high enough” or “Stop in the name of love” Why can’t someone get her into the studio and produce her a decent comeback album! It worked for Cher for Gods sake! And lord knows Miss Ross has a gay following the size of a small continent and you know how loyal we gays are? Just ask afore mentioned Cher!

It’s not even as if she looks like crap or can’t sing anymore? Although the dodgy frizz she calls hair could do with taming and she needs to get out of the taffeta and sequin ball gown rut she got stuck in about 1986 but in the main, even at 62, she’s still got it.

Now Miss Ross has had a hard time of late, a spell in prison for drunk driving , her airport fracas, cancelled Supremes tour, the unfortunate Lil Kim incident, a broken marriage etc. etc. but hey! Everyone loves a comeback queen and now is the time for her to have a come-back as big as her hair!

So someone give William Orbit, Joey Negro, or whoever the latest wunderkind producer/mixer is, a call and tell them to get Miss Ross into a studio where she belongs and her music back onto the worlds dance floors!

See Diana at The Nick TV land awards 2006 showing
she's still got it! and a bit of Classic Diana "Chain reaction"

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