Sunday, July 09, 2006

Kiki & Herb - The Comeback!

The cabaret terrorists are back!

Despite their sell out farewell tour at Carnegie Hall, Kiki and Herb (The fabulous Justin Bond & Kenny Mellman) are back out of retirement , this time on Broadway, for a limited run. The irony is Kiki is supposed to be a washed up cabaret chanteuse who's audience has long since deserted her but in reality she can sell out Carnegie Hall. Whilst I'm really pleased by Kiki & Herb's success they are in danger of losing their cabaret terrorist reputation and becoming main-stream.

I've been lucky enough to catch them many times but theres no doubt they work best in a small venue, as opposed to somewhere like the Helen Hayes Theatre where they are due to perform in August.

Justin may be keen to put his alter ego Kiki aside but it seems the fans are having none of it!

Lets hope they drag their fabulous asses back over to London real soon! Their last christmas show at the Queen Elizabeth Hall was the highlight of the festive season in London and they are still the best act around.

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Andy said...

I'm going to see them in New York lucky old me ! They are just fantastic!

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