Friday, July 21, 2006

Naomi's Greatest Hits

Well well well! it's been quite a week for little Miss temper tantrum Naomi Campbell.

No sooner had we named her Rank & Bile car crash of the month for her ongoing domestic (help) violence. When Miss Campbell goes on yet another rampage!

Firstly, just one day later, presumably incensed at her car crash of the month coverage, she went ballistic on board her boyfriend, Prince Badr Jafar's yacht. Apparently a local chef prepared a meal that wasn't to madam's liking and she proceeded to vent her fury on copious amounts of crockery and glassware, before moving on to destroy soft funishings, antiques, lamps, and furniture to the tune of $55,000!

But Naomi hadn't finished yet, as today it emerged that the Super Model was arrested recently for causing a breach of the peace after neighbours complained about her screaming abuse, at 3am, outside of Prince Badr Jafar's London residence, after her now ex boyfriend, (no surprise there!) refused her entry.

Lordy! Naomi you really have excelled yourself this week! She's certainly not going to find people rushing to fill the post of either maid or boyfriend anytime soon. But hey! You can't say she isn't entertaining!

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