Friday, July 21, 2006

TomKitten Suri Is Real.....Maybe?

Apparently The TomKitten is real! Yes someone has actually seen Suri cruise! Tabloids and internet sites have been rife with conspiracies claiming that Suri is a publicity stunt/hoax or even an alien. Her birth certificate has been scrutinised and claims made that its a fake and the tabloid press are all asking. where's Suri?

It's 3 months since she landed/was born and now at last King of Queens actress Leah Remini claims to have seen Suri, in Us magazine she claimed , "She's a newborn and normal size!" really descriptive there Leah! And what does she mean normal size? What, as opposed to giant alien size? And just to prove Tom and Katie are the parents she goes on to say Suri has "dark, straight hair and dark eyes," Hmm I think we coulda guessed that one! This is presumably to scotch the rumours that in fact the baby is green and looks like E.T.!

So will this put the rumours to rest? Given that Leah is also a member of the scientology cult and is the only person claiming to have seen Suri in 3 months my guess is probably not!

TomKat better come up with something better than this if they are gonna scotch the rumours!

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Ahmed said...

It's a hoax the baby is an alien!

Ahmed said...

There is no baby it was just a pillow up her shirt!

Ahmed said...

The baby has been returned to the mother ship Katie was just the host for incubation!

China Blue said...

I think there's something wrong with the baby. That, or another theory is that the Scientologists don't immunise their babies, so they isolate them to protect them from bugs. But if that's the case, why not just say so?

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