Sunday, July 09, 2006

You Were Never Fuglier - Chaka Khan

Poor old Chaka she seems never to have had dress sense or a stylist but this really takes the biscuit! Chaka once sang she was every woman and it looks like its true and all of them are trapped under that outfit! I mean Chain mail for goodness sake?!

What exactly was the look she was trying to achieve here?
S & M Bag Lady? Gothic Fairy? Pensionable Dominatrix? Who knows but its hideous!

Ray Charles could have picked out a better outfit!

Do us all a favour and get a stylist and a hair cut for gods sake!

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China Blue said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Good Lord, you're funny.

I saw pictures of her in a Sunday mag last week and she was very slim - I couldn't believe it was her as I've only ever seen her heavy.

I think whatever look she was going for, she missed. Lawwd!

tommy said...

I think the look is fat old puss in boots!

" THE ROYAL BRIGADE " New Cartoon Series Blog said...

Hey, Chaka still my girl. Back in the day yes she was very fine. And now I see her mixing some of what made her so hot in the 1970's with how she is today. Besides no can stay slim forever, and for god sake everybody Chaka's only human like the rest of us. Hell my once thick head of hair is going where I only wish i knew. From kids book author Kevin Curtis Barr.

stewart said...

what a bloody mess!

LucyShy said...

Oh silly, that's a wig.
You see how black she is?? C'mon.

As for the outfit....*chews lip*...well... she's wearing a bra!

*wan smile*

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Anonymous said...

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