Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Grace But No Poise!

Grace Jones was on top form at Patrick Swayze’s opening night in the London production of Guys and Dolls, last night. After hitting a paparazzo and threatening to get her breast out the always outrageous singer claimed she would like a part in the show! As you can see Grace's outfit was in her usual subtle style!

Grace was accompanied by her husband to be, Viscount Wimborne (at 41, he is 17 years her junior) After their marriage she will become the Viscountess of Ashby St Ledgers. I wonder what the locals at his Northamptonshire estate will make of The new Lady of the Manor.

Time to ditch the outfits and get some tweeds Grace?

Oh, and maybe act a little bit more ladylike?

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L vo said...

Love it! Maybe she can get together with Dame Madonna and swap tips on hunting, shooting and fishing. They are practically the Mitford sisters of the 21st century

Anonymous said...

When is Grace gonna get old? She has been around forever - been thru the whole Studio 54 scene, Heaven, the eighties, the nineties,being cool to being a fool, eurostar,chat shows, legendary appearances, remixed classics that are still sampled today, lived life to the full with plenty of class (a)and still she looks amazing! Well done Grace, whats ya secret?!

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Anonymous said...

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