Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Tale Of Two Coke Cities

The British have always had more of a laissez faire attitude to drugs, after all can you imagine Dennis Thatcher launching a “Just say No” campaign in the 80’s as Nancy Reagan did ? This week really brought this into focus, when you compare the treatment received by two British celebrities, both in a bit of bother for possessing a little of the old Columbian marching powder.

In London, following a front page picture of her snorting coke, in the Daily Mirror. Kate Moss was questioned by police and promptly released with no charges being issued. How did this effect her career? Well you only have to look at this month’s Vanity Fair, although it’s called the The Style Issue, a more apt title would be The Kate Moss Issue. As well as gracing the cover and commanding an eight page fluff piece. Miss Moss is also nominated for their Best Dressed Awards and appears in no less than six full or double page ads for Dior, Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Rimmel No wonder her earnings have skyrocketed in the year since that other famous cover.

In New York meanwhile, after police were called to Boy George’s apartment and found a small amount of cocaine. George too was questioned by police and whilst charges were dropped for possession he was forced to accept a lesser charge of wasting police time. The result? Five days of humiliating community service sweeping New York streets.

I hope George realises this is a very serious offence and has learned his lesson…. If you are going to snort coke do it in London! Not only will you get off scott free, it will do wonders for your career!

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JJ said...

Oh Dear poor Old Georgie Porgie doesn't look too happy about it all. lol