Friday, September 22, 2006

Brands Beckham & Cruise Join Forces

Brand Beckham and Brand Cruise are working together.

Lord help us all! The Beckham Brand's story is to be filmed with the help of Brand Cruise

The two publicity minded couples have recently become friends. So much so that when David was sacked as England Football Team Manger one of the first people he called was Crazy Cruise!

David, in a mutual bit of publicity, which must have had both their publicists drooling, described how supportive Tom had been and went on to tell anyone who would listen what a “really positive” person Tom is! (Expect Posh and David to announce conversion to scientology and day soon)

An insider says, "Tom has a brilliant grasp of what the public want to see and thought David's story was wonderful.”A football star emerges from humble origins, there's drama within the matches and romance in his love affair with Victoria at the height of her pop star fame.

"At the time Tom was seeing quite a lot of David and Victoria. The quartet are very close friends and the Beckhams would only be happy about their story being used if Tom and Katie were involved."

Guess who’ll play Posh? …..Yes Katie Holmes!

Katie Holmes to play Posh! She better start throwing up now! That’s like asking Kirstie Allie to play Karen Carpenter.

And speaking of Karen Carpenter……

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marcus said...

Suri not katie should play Posh they are both about the same weight!

LucyShy said...

No way in Regular Normal Christian hell will I pay money to see that movie!

And if it comes on the local cable channel's after-school special one day by chance - I'll be turning it off.

With a quickness.