Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cruise Control Steps Up A Few Notches

With the unveiling of Suri, Tomkat visiting a football match and now a statement about their upcoming marriage by their publicist Arnold Robinson:

"The wedding is still in the planning stages. They're really excited about it. They have always said they will be married by the early fall, and they are still in that window. They can't wait."

"I won't let this woman get away," Tom is quoted as saying. Hmm not sure if this refers to the predicted nuptials or his attempts to keep her a prisoner at the Cruise compound!?

It looks like Cruise control has gone into hyper drive.(Along with Photo-shop if that cover of Katie is anything to go by!) Anymore of this and they’ll have us believing he’s normal, the real father of Suri and Scientology is fun!

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Simon Says said...

How photo shopped is she on that cover lol!