Saturday, September 02, 2006

Farrah Brings The Angels Together

The Aaron spelling tribute at this yar's Emmys brought out some of his programme's best known stars, with Dynasty bitches, Joan Collins and Heather Locklear introducing the tribute in front of an emotional Candy Spelling and a somewhat indifferent looking, Tori Spelling. Both were seated at opposite sides of the auditorium. So obviously that little feud is not going to be over any time soon!

The highlight of the tribute was the re-uniting of the original Charlie's Angels but apparently it nearly didn't happen, as another little feud between Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith is also still going strong.

According to an inside source, who spoke"They were asked by the producers to participate, and it was very touch and go. Two of them aren't best buddies anymore, but it took Farrah to bring it all together and make it happen."

Well done Farrah for getting the Angels back together. It was good to see them again and compare their surgeries! Whilst Kate and Farrah have obviously, had the most and worst, work done. I have to hand it to Jaclyn Smith who looked fabulous, perhaps if they hadn't all fallen out Jaclyn might have let the other two know the number of her surgeon, cos God knows they could do with it!

Watch the Angels at The Emmys

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Justin said...

Shame Kate Smith doesn't bring back Scarewcrow and Mrs King, she looks great for the scarecrow part now. The scrawny bitch!

Myles said...

Yeah I,m afraid she's been pulled and snipped once too often and as for Farrah.....hideous. Jaclyn looks great though but all of them could learn a lesson from Joan who looks better than all of them put together despite being over 70 and no work been done!

Simon Says said...

What's Farrah praying for?
The return of her looks?