Friday, September 29, 2006

Kate Moss And Pete Doherty The Car Crash Continues

Seems Kate Moss and Pete Doherty just can’t stay out of trouble. First at a Babyshambles gig in Dublin this week the pair both flouted Irelands strict anti smoking laws by lighting up on stage. Then Pete was spotted in a Dublin chemist buying syringes, not a good sign less than a week after leaving re-hab!

As if that wasn’t enough Kate was pictured in The Sun with what appears to be some kind of white coating on the inside of her nose….now what on earth could that be?

The Sun offered several suggestions including talc, toothpaste and spot cream! (after helpfully pointing out Kate was suffering an acne outbreak!) Do we detect a little sarcasm over at The Sun?

Well it could certainly explain her erratic behaviour and subsequent leaping onstage. I’d be erratic and jumping around too if I had toothpaste or spot cream rammed up my nose!

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debbie said...

They both look like shit