Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rank & Bile At The Movies - The History Boys

A huge thank you to 20th Century Fox and Centurion for the tickets to The History Boys preview at the Century Cinema in Soho Square.

The story of an unruly class of history students cramming for their entrance exams for Oxford and Cambridge might not sound like much fun but this has to be the best British film I’ve seen for a very long time. The witty Alan Bennet script was brilliantly played by a bevy of newcomers especially young Dominic Cooper and Samuel Barnett (who does a hilarious Celia Johnson impression!) and there is Stirling support from the superb Richard Griffiths and immensely watchable, Frances de La Tour.

What a pleasure to not, have to leave my brain at the door of the auditorium for a change.

For those of you who caught the play at the National or on Broadway (were it swept the boards at both the BAFTAs and the Tonys) you won’t be disappointed as the film stays lovingly true to its staged original.

A superb film that I can’t recommend highly enough, make sure you catch it when it goes on general release on October 13th in the UK and November 24th in the US. (Or get tickets to the Royal World Charity Premiere on 2nd October)

***** Stars

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Camp david said...

Cant wait to see this and the boys look cute too!