Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Suri With A Fringe On Top

Finally the existence of little alien cruise rumours are put to rest, with this month's Vanity Fair Cover, showing baby Suri with her parents.

I have to say she certainly looks like her mother and from initial inspection only seems to have one head and is not green! Who knew?

I have to say though, she is one hairy baby! Look at that mop on her head! She looks like Elvis!
It also has to be the first "Star" parent & baby pictures where the baby has been more photoshopped than the parents!

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Mary jane said...

Well it's never too early to learn the biz...damn kids in a wig and make up and her photo shoot's been airbrushed and she's only 4 months old!

Anonymous said...

Pretty baby, though. I think she looks like her dad, but I just can't shake the feeling this has a whiff of Michael Jackson about it (i.e. was he in the room when Katie conceived...?)