Wednesday, September 20, 2006

An Open Letter To Barry M. Meyer CEO Warner Bros.

Warner Brothers now own the rights to the MGM back catalogue including the last movie ever made by Joan Crawford, Trog. Whilst by no means a classic, for fans of Miss Crawford it is a seminal movie. Warner bros have told us they have no intention of releasing the film on DVD and the video version went out of print approximately 15 years ago. For true fans of Joan it is almost impossible to see this film, as it is almost never shown on television.

2 months ago I posted a clip of Joan in Trog on Youtube in a very short time it had amassed several thousand hits. I had messages from people all over the world thanking me for posting. This is typical of the many comments posted:

“Thank you so much for posting this I have waited years to see this. I am a relatively young Joan fan and was too young to see the film when it was released. I have read every book about her and they always mention this film and finally I get to see Joan in it. Thank you so much. Bless you x”

However Warner Bros had my account closed for copyright infringement!

Dear Mr Meyer

Can you explain to me how a 2min 31 sec clip of a film that you have no intention of releasing on DVD and which you are not supplying in any other format, proves to be a such a huge threat to your company and it’s profits?

Yours an appalled MGM fan

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Julian said...

Bet you don't get a reply from the old b*****d!