Sunday, October 08, 2006

David & Victoria Beckham - Hollywood's Hired Help

Brand Beckham may be desperate to make it onto the A list in LA but it seems the best the pair can do, is as hired help to the stars.

Posh has been employed by Crazy Cruise to escort Katie as a combination bodyguard/ paid companion on a trip to Paris. Presumably the drugs are wearing off and as she’s now a definite flight risk. Posh has been glued to her side the whole trip so she can’t make a break for freedom.

Meanwhile back in LA, whilst Posh cavorts with the crazy Cruises, her husband David has been mixing with Angelina and Brad Pitt. Is Brad Pitt, David’s new BFF? No not quite. David has been retained by Brad and Angelina to train young Maddox Jolie-Pitt to play soccer!

I’m sure when The Beckhams were dreaming of invites to the A List’s homes they were rather hoping to go in through the front door rather than the servants entrance!

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mo said...

They'll never be A list if they live to 100yrs old!

Paul Hibbard said...

Thick and thin will never make it in the US wherer they hate soccer and she has no personality its only his fame as a footballer that gets them any attention here.