Sunday, October 15, 2006

Debbie Does Our Miss Brooks At CBGB

Two of New York’s crumbling and decaying music icons joined forces on Saturday when Debbie Harry played the last gig at legendary punk rock dive CBGB in New York. The club is to close after 33 yrs due to a rent dispute and has been falling into disrepair for years, as by the look of her has Miss Harry!

At 61 the days of her peroxide pout and outlandish outfits, like CBGB are a thing of the past. Instead Debbie came dressed as Our Miss Brooks complete with dyed red hair and managed to look almost as condemned as the club.

Looks like two bits of New York music history died this weekend!

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camp david said...

OMG she's certainly run to seed!

Jenny said...

Who's Our Miss Brooks?