Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fanny Fever

According to Sitemeter (link in the sidebar) the fab bit of free kit which tells me the number of hits on my blog and also where people clicked from, there has been a mini surge in activity the past couple of days. So what’s brought this on I wondered? Or was it a repeat of the surge I had in July, where, inexplicably, if you typed Pics of Charlize Theron Naked into Google my blog came up? (At this point I should warn you no amount of searching this blog will actually produce pics of Charlize naked….sorry to disappoint you!)

No apparently my normally sedate 200-250 page views a day had leapt to nearly 1000 because of a little post I put up in February, about… of all things, Fanny Cradock! Apparently Google is alive with UK people wanting to know more about fearsome Fanny!

Usually my country split is about 30% US and 20% UK and the rest from anywhere you can think of. Yesterday 92% of my hits were from UK residents searching out Fanny, (insert own joke here!) probably due to BBC4’s spate of recent programmes about her and last nights fantastic play, Fear of Fanny. (Reviewed below)

Finally it seems Fanny is being restored to her rightful place as Queen of The Kitchen and about time too!

Click here for the original post about Fanny

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Anonymous said...

They should repeat all her shows she's great much more amusing than the new batch of TV cooks