Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Madonna & Child or Not?

What the hell is going on with the Madge baby adoption rumours? Despite denials from her rep Liz Rosenberg, the rumours keep coming.

Officials in Malawi insisted on Thursday that pop star Madonna was going to adopt a local child. But an official revealed Madonna had refused their plea to hold a press conference about the adoption, claiming: "I can't understand why it is so under wraps. This is a good opportunity for her to express herself and to promote understanding for the problems we are facing here."

Someone needs to explain to the officials over there: It’s called milking it for maximum publicity and it’s what Madge does best!

The People not buying the denials from the Madge camp, ran an exclusive:

POP Queen Madonna is adopting an African baby boy called Luca

The People can reveal and the multi-millionaire mum of two could even bring the year-old orphan back to Britain this week.

Meanwhile poor little Lourdes must be spitting tacks as she watches her inheritance get sliced three ways instead of two!

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james k said...

Who cares? everyone is so over her

Myles said...

I would think the kid in question cares?!

whispers said...

It is sad to think with the amount of children in care in this country
that Madonna had to go abroad to find a child. I guess not even her money can buy her one here as she is too old