Thursday, October 26, 2006

Naomi's Greatest Hits Continue

She’s at it again! Naomi Campbell is on the rampage and God help anyone who gets in her way.

Yesterday little Miss Temper Tantrum was arrested for assault at her home in London after complaints by another woman that she had been attacked. The police held her for 12 hours, even she must have calmed down after 12 hours in a cell!

It seems this time Naomi has run out of domestic staff to vent her spleen on and on this occasion left her drugs counsellor nursing a face full of scratches.

Naomi’s rep was quick to point out it’s all a mistake…..yeah right the poor counsellor must have tripped and fallen repeatedly on Naomi’s talons or maybe it was a mistake like the maid who accidentally ran into Naomi’s blackberry and the personal assistant whose head mistakenly collided with her jewel encrusted mobile not to mention the other five accusations of assualt Naomi has faced!

Someone lock this bitch up! Or at least get her some anger management counselling…but better make sure the counsellor has a crash helmet!

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1 comment:

Lenny said...

She's outta control. I read her freinds blame it on her being on the shelf! So its ok to attack people if you're single I guess!