Friday, October 13, 2006

Nicol Kidman Is Skinny & Scarey!

It seems the Hollywood size zero club has a new member, Nicole Kidman. So much for recent rumours that she's pregnant! In Rome to promote her new film "Fur" Nicole showed off her new scrawny figure topped off with a face so full of botox she's starting to look like she really is from Stepford!

The problem with dieting within an inch of your life is that whilst you can botox away the scrawny face effect, you end up with the hands/claws of an 80 yr old. Just look at Nicole Richie's hands...not pretty! Little tip Nicole... when you strive to have the face of a 12yr old girl, putting your withered old hand anywhere near your face kinda ruins the effect!

Either lay off the botox or get some gloves!

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Anonymous said...

Sad. She's been what the Jamaicans would call 'maaga' for quite some time. She should at least get some collagen jabs in those old-lady hands while she's ensuring she has all the facial dexterity of a marionette!

Anonymous said...

She's just gross.She looks like a corpse.That;s what she looked like at her wedding The Corpse Bride