Friday, October 27, 2006

Rush Limbaugh - Loser Attacks Michael J Fox

Nobody could failed to be moved by Michael J fox’s ongoing battle with Parkinson disease, which was painfully obvious during his political ad for Democrat Claire McCaskill.

The ad supports her decision to back Stem cell research which Michael and others feel is essential for helping sufferers of Parkinson disease.

When I say nobody could fail to be moved I wasn’t reckoning on the Republican lunacy of Rush Limbaugh. Un-believably Rush has accused Michael of either deliberately acting or not taking his medication to exaggerate his symptoms in an effort to gain sympathy/support.

What a loser, luckily there is a God and the irony is, he’s just swung all possible sympathy/support Michael’s way by attacking the chronically Ill actor.

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sammy said...

Rush needs to apologise big time what an asshole!