Thursday, October 19, 2006

You Tube Favourite - Liza Minnelli Reality Show

Fans of Liza Minnelli and car crash television, get over to youtube fast, before it gets pulled for some dreary copyright infringement rule and see the never shown pilot of Liza and David (unwelcome) Gest’s, reality show for VH1. Worth it just to catch David's super camp PA and his Diana Ross & Cher doll collection…..but he’s not gay honest! Speaking of gay also catch the campest kid on earth do his Liza impression for Liza!

You also get to see see Liza duet with Luther Vandross and Ray Charles. In her fabulous Warhol strewn apartment. Why did this never make it to air? It’s like watching a train wreck but brilliantly cringe worthy, fascinating and hilarious all at once.

See part one below and follow the links for parts two and three.

Click here for part two
Click here for part three

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L vo said...

OH MY GOD! Where to start, that was too fabulous for words, or to quote the mini Liberace in the making it was 'to die for'. Not sure which my favourite bit was, Liza shoehorned into the foulest mutton inducing dress ever, David having a hissy fit over a bit of food on the new carpet, the shop assistant accidentally confusing David for a woman and calling him 'her', David and Steve having a little brokeback shopping trip together. All too fantastic. Let's just hope we get to see the entire season, It's got to happen, happen sometime
Maybe this time we'll win

scott said...

Brilliant. I can't believe we get to see this. Dorky Wade the choreographer showing Liza how to dirty dance...there are a hundred classic moments. If David Gest owns these and he thinks he can make money on it, he'll release all of them no matter how ridiculous it makes him look. Steve? are you kidding me? oh my god. for more Liza.

Bill said...

I cant get the video to play :-(

Myles said...

Bill Looks like the copyright facist polics have got at Youtube again! Someone has insisted they remove it for copyright infringement. Which is why Youtube is going to end up deserted and Google will have bought a biig ol white elephant, cos everytime something good goes up the copyright owners get all huffy and insist it's pulled, instead they should just treat it as free advertising or a good way of testing what is worth putting out on dvd! Losers!