Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Did Britney Dump K Fed By Text? Lets Hope So!

At last! Britney spears has finally filed for divorce from her loser husband and just in the nick of time, apparently Britney chose the date very carefully to avoid paying hubby more under the pre-nup agreement. One more anniversary and the idiot gets a higher pay out!

Poor old K fed better get some work and fast, with his new album failing to set the charts alight with its Number 151 debut that’s not gonna make him much money. To make matters worse Britney has a cast iron pre-nup which guarantees Kevin will not get his hands on her millions.

Now we know why Britney has been looking so much better lately! Best of all if the report below is to be believed Britney dumped the loser by text! Even better she did it after he’d been singing her praises and calling her his biggest fan on a TV show! Classy Britney Classy!

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China Blue said...

'She's like, my biggest fan!' Yeah, OK Kevin, whatever. Stevie Wonder saw this one a mile off...