Monday, November 13, 2006

Battle Of the Divorces - Kevin & Heather - How Low Can They Go?

Well in the ugly divorce ratings, The Federlines and The McCartneys are running neck and neck.

First comes the news that K fed has demanded from Britney, a whopping £16million pay off and custody of their children Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Britney may have a cast iron pre-nup but K Fed claims to have a tape of him and his ex wife having sex and is threatening to sell it to the highest bidder if his terms aren’t met…..classy K Fed Classy!

Meanwhile over the pond, Sir Paul McCartney is trying to do a Madonna and buy a baby, only this time the baby in question is his! Paul has offered hop-a-long, ho, Heather a whopping £20million for custody of daughter Beatrice on top of an £80 million pound divorce settlement just to get rid of the poisonous witch.

And to think the papers accused her of being a cheap ho….£100 million is not what I call cheap!

Paul has also apparently had Heather digitally erased from his new documentary, what a shame getting rid of her in real life isn’t as easy!

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celia said...

£100m! As soon as He's single I'm going after Paul! In fact for that money I'd even go for K fed!

Anonymous said...

>"hopalong ho"

LOL. I heard someone asked Sir Paul "Do you think you'll ever go down on one knee again?"

After a long pause, he replied "please don't call her that"