Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Imelda Marcos - Designer Dictator!

Seems you can’t keep a good dictator down, Imelda Marcos, notorious for her extensive shoe collection and eye-popping jewels is back! And she's launching a jewellery collection!

Her daughter, Imee Marcos, said that unknown to many people, her mother shops for trinkets and accessories at flea markets (for flea markets read Asprey, Tiffany and Cartier!), and keeps earrings with a missing pair or brooches that have some missing stones. Using a glue gun, scissors or pliers, her mother "can combine them with her vintage items in a way that comes out beautiful,"

"The Imelda Collection," is to be launched on an un-suspecting public Nov. 18 in Manila. The first designs are only for jewellery and will "not yet" include shoes, her daughter said. But an aide said there are plans to expand the collection to include shoes, clothes and possibly furniture.

I’m sure she’s building the sweatshops as we speak! Watch out Joan Rivers looks like you’ve got competition in the white trash jewellery stakes!

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Anonymous said...

How tacky! I can see it now plastic pins shaped like shoes!