Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Crazy Cruise To Serve Up Turkey?

Tom Crusie announced his lucrative new production deal with United Artists just a few months ago and the world wondered what masterpiece will Tom put into production first? Well… wonder no more!

In a surreal piece of type-casting Victoria Beckham is set to star in Tom Cruise’s new Scientology film as an alien bride! “The Thetan” is based on the bizarre sci-fi cult, which believes in alien life forms and it’s founder Ron L Hubbard’s sci- fi writings. Victoria is said to be “thrilled” about getting her big Hollywood break.

Hmm Tom before putting “The Thetan” into production, you might wanna think back to "Battlefield Earth" the last scientology flick that was so dire, it almost destroyed the career of fellow cult member John Travolta and while your at it you might want to rent a copy of spice world and check out your leading lady’s disastrous lack of acting abilities!

How appropriate for the holiday season as this one has turkey written all over it!

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JJ said...

Ha Posh as an alien! Shes been playing that part for years hasn't she?!

sammy said...

Now there's a film I can't wait to see LOL!