Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Fat Ass Mariah Scarey Waddles Around Aspen

Mariah carey took herself to Aspen this week dressed in one of her usually tasteful outfits! Decked in leggings and shades (despite the fact it was dark!) she squeezed herself into a kind of black puffa jacket which made her look like a demented zeppelin and proceeded to try and manouvre herself through the snow wearing high heels and carrying a glass of champagne... unfortunately she didn't slip up! Shame, cos nothing would have made my Christmas, more than seeing Mariah go (fat) arse over tit!

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Camp david said...

Someone please get Mariah a stylist for christmas!

Martin said...

I remember when Mariah was just a cute new singer, normal looking. Now she has become so skank, looking more like a ho. She was on CBS this morning, giving an interview and dressed so inappropriately for the occasion. Her breasts looked as if they were going to explode out the cleavage. Oh boy, she loves to display her fake boobs!

Frodo Bagpipe said...

Mariah? Fat? Ummm... breasts aren't made out of muscle buddy. If you're totally offended by a woman with a voluptuous body enjoying herself on her time off, then maybe it's time you stop obsessing over celebrities. I can't stand skinny chicks or A-cups for the most part.

Salma Hayek is probably a pig by your book too, right? Mariahs butt might be a bit big in that photo, but she's also personally richer than your entire family will be for the next 10 generations. She never got fake tits, she just ate some steak, and continued to stay in shape.

Scrawny titless chicks bother me. Yeeckh.