Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mary kate Olsen Skinnier Than Nicole Richie - Yikes!

Stand aside Nicole Richie there is a new skinny bitch in town and she's even more emaciated than you!

Yes Mary Kate Olsen is now a reported 80lbs making Nicole at 85lbs look almost obese! Mary kate whos legs look like they may snap at any moment apparently has only 2" ankles...ewww!

The scary thing is even karen Carpenter only got as low as 83lbs before her untimely death from Anorexia.

For Gods sake eat something bitches!

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celia said...

they both look like they could snap at any moment. Yuk don't they realise no one finds that attractive?

Anonymous said...

Okay its a disease. Anorexia is NOT a choice. Please people read about the disease before you start calling everyone who has it a bitch. Or snickering and saying "they need to eat" "eat bitches!" really not very smart.