Monday, December 11, 2006

Nicole Richie Joins The George Michael Driving Academy!

Just when we thought Nicole might be on the mend she's straight back to square one. After police spotted her driving the wrong way on the 134 Freeway in Burbank she was hauled in and booked for driving under the influence.

Although Nicole didn't test positive for alcohol she did admit she'd been spoking pot and taking
Vicodin, though at least it wasn't as bad as her 2003 bust when she pleaded guilty to heroin possession! (The charges were dismissed after she completed the terms of her probation.)

Interestingly police released her height as 5'1" and her weight as 85lbs which tends to suggest she's not doing so well on the gaining weight, front either, despite numerous reports she had gained 10lbs. In fact she's only 3lbs heavier than she was back in September when she was at her most emaciated!

Rachel Zoe's cries of I told you so! Must be echoing round Beverly Hills as we speak!

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nice scrunchie!