Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Rank & Bile At The Movies - Pan's Labyrinth

Pans Labyrinth is a fairytale but most definitely not for children! It’s like the wizard of oz meets Rosemary’s Baby and whilst horror and fairytales may sound like a strange mix in the capable hands of director Guillermo del Toro it actually works.

The somewhat gruesome tail of renegades fighting in the Spanish civil war is the backdrop for the story of Orfelia (marvellously played by Ivana Baquero) a child torn between the brutal realities of the war which surrounds her and a fairytale world almost as brutal in the woods nearby.

Beautifully shot this dark and brooding tale grips you from the start and despite its orgy of violence is as uplifting as it is gory. Pans Labyrinth has been hailed as the best film of the year, whilst I wouldn’t go that far I would highly recommend it.

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JJ said...

Superb movie!