Saturday, December 23, 2006

Whitney Thinks Leona Has The X Factor Too

I’m not usually a fan of these reality/talent shows like Pop Idol and X Factor but even I have to admit this years British X Factor winner Leona Lewis has talent and it seems I’m not alone.
Diane warren has expressed an interest in working with her and Clive Davis the man who made Whitney Houston a star has offered Leona a $10m record deal!

It seems its not only Clive who’s a fan sources revealed Whitney herself placed a call to Leona before the final "Whitney thought Leona was amazing and wished her good luck," says the source. Praise indeed form one Diva to another.

Good for her it looks like this show has finally produced a real star!

See Leona in action below.

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JJ said...

She's gonna be a huge star!