Thursday, January 18, 2007

Car Crash of The Month - Cameron Diaz

Now that Justin Timberlake got his "sexy back" and dumped her Cameron Diaz is obviously not taking the split well. Unlike Reese Witherspoon who never looked better since her split with Ryan Philippe and pretty much stole the show at The Golden Globes. Cameron is obviously over compensating with a hideous new hair colour and trowled on drag queen slap, to add to her woes she also sported one of the worst frock horrors on the red carpet.

Whilst Cameron has had a fixed smile for the media recently and claimed in a recent interview

“I love being alone, and being by myself. And I’m reallye! Cameron n good at it too.

“Not in a weird ‘leave me alone’ kind of way, but I’m just much more comfortable when I’m by myself.”

It seems the reality is that she is taking the break up very badly; Page Six reports:

Cameron Diaz is not over Justin Timberlake just yet, and things got heated when she saw her ex chatting up Jessica Biel in L.A. after the Golden Globes. Sources say the temperamental star "blew up" at Biel after she saw Timberlake flirting with her. Diaz followed Timberlake to the In Style party at the Hilton Oasis, where "they had an awkward conversation." The "Charlie's Angels" star then trailed Timberlake to the Beverly Hilton rooftop for the Universal party, where she found him chatting up Biel - and screamed at the "Illusionist" star.

"If that's how she wants to get him back, it won't work," said our insider. "She's desperate."

Hmm happy to be alone? Sounds more like bunny boiling stalker to me she needs to get a grip before she ends up becoming the new Jennifer Aniston and whiles she’s at it ditch the lousy hair colour and clown make up and get a bit of dignity!

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